Nate has deep experience in technology sales, marketing, and business development as an individual contributor, team leader, and founder. He made his first cold call less than a week after graduating from college and hasn't stopped for more than twelve years. His career includes roles with Google's field sales team, as a founder of a B2B technology company, on the other side of the table as a venture capitalist, and as a VP of Sales for a seed-stage startup. In addition to his work with Incendium, Nate is the co-founder of the Congo Leadership Initiative, a nonprofit organization training young entrepreneurs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nate is a graduate of Cornell University and completed his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Adam Fischman
Co-Founder + Partner

Adam has over two decades of consulting, business development, sales, and marketing experience. He has worked closely with startups, major government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and political candidates over the span of his career. Before co-founding Incendium, Adam was Director of Business Development at He is an active angel investor and current venture partner at NextGen Ventures. Previously, he was a consultant at Sapient where his clients included U.S. intelligence and healthcare agencies. He began his career as a political strategist at PSB, where he worked with prominent heads of state including Tony Blair. Adam is a graduate of Cornell University and completed his MBA at Georgetown University.

Robert Snyder

Founder in Residence

Noemie Delfassy

Senior Advisor

Anthony Cicconi

Account Director

Marina Cull

Account Director

John Musgrove

Senior Outbound Associate

Andy Saxe

Outbound Associate

Emma Fenton

Outbound Associate

Peter Tice

Outbound Associate

Riley Kirenga

Outbound Associate

Steven Lee

Investment Associate

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