Fulfillment Policy

1. Introduction:

This Fulfillment Policy governs the delivery of services provided by Incendium Strategies, LLC and outlines the terms under which these services are delivered to our clients. This policy is designed to ensure clarity and satisfaction for both parties involved.

2. Service Delivery

Service Activation: Upon the successful completion of payment, services will be considered active. Activation details will be provided to the client via email within one business day.

Service Provision: Services will be delivered according to the specifications agreed upon in the signed service agreement. Regular updates and reports will be communicated to ensure transparency and alignment with client objectives.

3. Cancellation Policy

Notice Requirement: Clients may cancel their service agreements at any time; however, they may be subject to original contract terms.

4. Modifications to Services

Changes to Services: Clients may request modifications to their services at any point during the contract term. Such requests should be made in writing and may be subject to additional charges, depending on the nature of the modifications.

Adjustment Period: Adjustments to services may require a reasonable amount of time to implement, and clients will be notified of the expected timeframe for such changes.

5. Dispute Resolution:

Contact Information for Disputes: Any disputes related to billing or service delivery should be directed to info@incendiumstrategies.com.

Resolution Process: Incendium Strategies, LLC commits to addressing all disputes efficiently and fairly within a reasonable timeframe.

6. Contact Information:

For any inquiries or notices required under this policy, please contact Incendium Strategies, LLC at info@incendiumstrategies.com.