Why Clients Sometimes Say "No"

Incendium's work with our clients is primarily concerned with getting more prospects into the funnel, but that's only step one to revenue. At the end of the day, someone needs to close the deal.

While our clients typically have (really great) people in house to do just that, we have to carry our own bag to get those clients in the first place! That means that our team is trying to close deals every day, many of them originating from the same types of cold email campaigns that we set up for clients. We've found our experience in getting new business over the finish line to be instructive for clients as well. 

With that in mind, we thought that it might be interesting to run down the most common objections we hear when we don't get the answer we want. Here are the reasons that prospects say no to Incendium!

"We don't have the budget."

Ol' reliable! To be honest, we do not get beat up on pricing as much as some of our clients do (revenue-focused services like ours are a bit easier for even small companies to swallow), but we do hear this one like everyone else. Incendium's focus is always on ROI, and so we typically respond with detailed analysis of breakeven stats to engage in this discussion. This also keeps us honest: Prospects who cannot close enough deals with the leads we provide them are likely never going to work out anyway.

"We're about to re-do our website - come back to us once we have. We want to put our best face forward!"

This happens all the time, and in most cases is actually genuine (not just an excuse). In order to find out whether a prospect is being honest, we typically ask them why they would invest in a website without knowing what messaging resonates the best. Our belief is that cold email marketing is a much "leaner" investment in messaging and branding than a full website overhaul. In other words: What better way to test new messaging without hiring developers and designers than by A/B testing different cold email value props?

Someone goes dark.

Yes! This happens to us too (3-4 follow ups without a response is typically our max). The advice we give our clients - and the advice we try to follow - is that these prospects would never have been good customers anyway... but that doesn't make it sting any less for us either.

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